Pool and Patio

Exiting out the kitchen door you step onto a large stamped concrete patio 18′ x 26′ (5.5m x 7.9m) with a tehaban tiled roof which supplies much needed shade in the summer months.



To your right you will see the two sliding doors to the mechanical area. These doors allow for easy access to the water pressure system, water softener system, gas water heater, the pool filtration system and submersible pump for filling the pool and watering the garden.


To your left is a small but beautiful garden hosting a sour orange tree, numerous orchids, dieffenbachia, and pothos. Adjacent to the small garden is the outside kitchen and grill area at the end of the casita. The gas line for the grill comes from the large gas tank on the roof so there’s never a need to run out to get a small tank filled.




It’s impossible to miss the amazing large glass tiled pool 18′ x 32′ (5.4 x 9.7m) and the three tier poolside fountain. The pool is equipped with a filtration system on timer.



Between the casita and pool is an adjoining stamped concrete patio 10′ x 32′ (3m x 9.7m) that runs the length of the pool.71 . patio and pool at dusk74. pool at dusk

At the end of this section of patio on your left you will see the outside shower and the half bath. No need to enter the house when you’re wet or working in the garden.


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